Nano Nagle recognised that in ministering to people it was often necessary to make provision for care of the body as well as the mind and spirit/soul. She understood the connection between all aspects of the human person.

When she decided to found her own religious Congregation that became known as the Presentation Sisters, and to live the Consecrated Life, she chose the Sr Mary John of God as her religious name. Her choice of name gives us a clue to her integral vision for all. While education nurtures and fashions the mind, attention must also be given to the health of body and soul of the poor and those in need by those who follow in her footsteps, as it was by her and her companions in mission in her day.

In recognising unmet needs across the world, followers of Nano today find themselves in ministries which are related to Healthcare and Healing.

These ministries take many different forms, from taking care of the elderly, helping tribal women with childbirth, administering care to AIDS victims, healing touch and more.

Healthcare and Healing is an important way in which express the charism of Nano Nagle, as it was for her patron, John of God.


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