Nano’s faith and commitment to God nourished and sustained her during the best of times and, more especially, during the worst of times. For her, “The Almighty [God] is all sufficient.”

Though much of her time was devoted to teaching and ministering to those in need she spent several hours in prayer and contemplation each day. Indeed, her pattern of spirituality was to remember in prayer what and whom she encountered when she went out and about each day, and, in turn, to bring a prayerful contemplative and compassionate stance to all she was and did when she went out again.

For so many who follow in her footsteps communication with God in Christ integral to their lives. Trusting the promptings of the Spirit is their hallmark. This spiritual way is deepened by contemplating Jesus, the Living Word, in scripture and sacrament, through practices such as “Be Still” times (15 minutes silent prayer), faith-sharing with others, and through contact with the natural world: “For those who have come to know God the whole world is a prayer mat.” (Bawa Muhaiyaddeen)

Faith and Spirituality

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