Prayer Ministry & Spirituality

The ministry of prayer is deeply valued by the Parishes where our Sisters are present. ‘We value silence, stillness and solitude as ways of nurturing our relationship with God.’

(C13) Our older Sisters are committed to supporting active ministry through their prayers and encouragement.     ‘Our prayer gives us vitality for Mission’
(C14) Spiritual Direction: Two Sisters are trained Spiritual Directors and provide direction for a number of people on both islands of New Zealand.

Senior Catholic Prison Chaplaincy

The Senior Catholic Prison Chaplain is a national role involving the provision of professional leadership and support to the Catholic chaplains who provide chaplaincy services in the eighteen New Zealand prisons as a separate but integrated part of prison chaplaincy services in New Zealand. The position involved ensuring that the spiritual needs of inmates are provided for by Catholic prison chaplains in accordance with the NZ Catholic Bishops contract and Prison Chaplaincy New Zealand contract with the Department of Corrections. One of our Sisters is the Senior Catholic Prison Chaplain for New Zealand.

Friends of Nano

A core group of Friends of Nano, Associates and Sisters for the two islands of New Zealand skype regularly. They invite people to carry the flame of Nano into the future and encourage participation in ongoing formation opportunities. They vision together and plan the way forward. Friends of Nano and Sisters in areas meet for significant occasions. One Sister links with the Friends of Nano and two are members of the core group.


A number of Sisters trained to deliver the ‘Awakening the Dreamer’ workshops, (Be the change) and many workshops have been given in the past number of years.

Hospital visitation

One of our Sisters, aged in her late 80’s, continues to do voluntary hospital chaplaincy.


This process involves walking with members of our parish community and those seeking to belong to our faith community. It is a joy to watch them grow and develop a personal relationship with God, others and creation.