Presentation Ireland Ministries
Presentation Ireland was established by the Presentation Sisters to work for a more compassionate, just and sustainable world. Its main areas of work are: learning innovation, social inclusion, human rights, ecology and spirituality. It aims to work with people in innovative and inclusive ways and seek to develop new approaches to learning and to create awareness of human rights, sustainable living and the search for spirituality. Presentation Ireland is inspired by the people it works with, by their energy, creativity and enthusiasm. Working together, it helps people to have a say and to design responses to unmet needs in our society. Presentation Ireland tries to use the learning from our work to influence and change public policy to promote inclusion and fairness. (

South West Province Ministry of Prayer
The older members within our communities live a lifelong commitment to loving God and neighbour. In serenity and wisdom they are an oasis of calm and joy and embody the human values of patience, adaptability in the face of change, and acceptance in embracing the ageing process. Their presence and their continued commitment to contemplation and prayer in the fragility of old age, is an invaluable support to many and a moving testament of God’s love in this modern world.

North East Province Mount St Anne’s Retreat and Conference Centre, Co Laois
Mount St Anne’s Retreat and Conference Centre offers a range of opportunities for individuals and groups to take time out for reflection and to deepen their understanding of the movement of the Spirit in their lives; time to explore how they too can live life in all its fullness. (